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Katowice on the podium with business potential – BEAS survey results

April 17 2024

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Katowice on the podium with business potential – BEAS survey results

Martyna Petrus
PR Specialist, Antal
[email protected]

59% of surveyed employees from Katowice say their company will invest in human capital development in the next 3 years, according to a BEAS report. It has turned from a place associated with heavy industry, coal and steel into a modern metropolis. Katowice is not only a city of about 280,000 people but also the heart of the Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis.

The next, fourth edition of the Business Environment Assessment Study (BEAS) report, whose authors are Antal and Cushman & Wakefield, and whose partners are Baker McKenzie, PAIH, Employers of Poland, Pro Progressio and Vastint, reveals the investment plans of the heads of companies operating in Polish cities for the years 2023-2025. Poland has long maintained and strengthened its leading position in attracting investments, including foreign ones.

BSS innovation capital of Upper Silesia

The capital of Upper Silesia has shown how, in a short period of time, it is possible to appear on the map of locations for the BSS sector, strengthen its position, and permanently include it in the search criteria of domestic and foreign investors. Katowice is in the group of so-called Tier-2 cities, which, for the BSS sector, means high development potential with stable costs and balanced market saturation by BPO/GBC/IT projects.

The Katowice agglomeration is a unique urban ecosystem in Poland and offers unique logistics and transportation opportunities. Over the first two decades of the 21st century, Katowice has significantly increased its investment attractiveness, which indicates that this trend will continue. In Katowice, the long-term strategy for attracting and serving investors is a naturally developed state of balance between push and pull strategies, comments Magdalena Kolka, Deputy Head of the Investor Services Department, Katowice City Hall.

Students like Katowice – the city ranked third

Katowice is a strong academic centre, educating around 50,000 students annually. The best evidence that the city cares a great deal about the field of science is that it was awarded the title of European City of Science in 2024. It is impossible not to point out that this is the first Polish city to receive this honour, standing alongside such cities as Stockholm, Barcelona, Dublin, Copenhagen and Manchester. The average rating of the educational potential for the city was as high as 7.6/10 in the 4th edition of the BEAS survey – placing the city third in the ranking.

Katowice is a city that has been growing strongly in many areas in recent years. It is an ideal example of transforming an industrial region into a centre for business services and high technology. Undoubtedly, one of the main factors that have influenced this change is the development of the education area. The city has 14 universities and colleges with a rich educational offer, with areas such as philology, finance and IT leading the way among the majors chosen by students and in these areas, we have seen business and employment growth in recent years, adds Karolina Bucka, Team Leader Antal IT Services.

Forecasts of increased employment in response to investment and industrial transformation

As many as 78% of respondents indicate that the total level of employment at their company in Katowice will increase. The most significant percentage of respondents (30%) believe it will be between 6% and 15%. Factors contributing to the increase in employment potential in Katowice are undoubtedly foreign investment. The city is attracting new companies, leading to the creation of employment in the manufacturing and service sectors. The agglomeration’s large population and high educational potential make it possible to meet the recruitment needs of companies.

Currently, the main challenges for developing Katowice’s labour market in the future are industrial transformation and workforce education. Katowice is facing the transformation of traditional industries to more modern and sustainable ones. At the same time, the increase in employment potential requires proper education and training of employees to meet the new market demands, emphasizes Agnieszka Grzegorczyk, Antal Team Leader, Engineering & Operations.

A force on the map of the Polish office market

The office market in Katowice is one of the most dynamically developing in Poland. The city has become an important business centre in the southern part of the country, attracting investors from various sectors of the economy. One of the key development factors is the region’s large population.

The vacancy rate is high today, reaching as high as 20.1%. The high level of competition is causing developers and property owners to intensify efforts to improve the attractiveness of facilities. As a result, tenants can count on good lease terms, flexible negotiation options and access to various amenities. Therefore, companies can choose from various locations and standards, tailoring the offer to their needs. Despite the high vacancy rate, the Katowice market remains active. As much as 78,000 sqm of office space is currently under construction (the third result in the country after Warsaw and Krakow). This shows that investors still see potential in this region and believe in its long-term development, points out Tomasz Dyba, Senior Negotiator, Cushman & Wakefield.

About BEAS

The “Business Environment Assessment Study” survey was conducted using the CAWI method among 1,290 decision-makers of companies in Poland from July 31 to August 25, 2023. Reports developed as part of this and previous editions of the project are available on a new, interactive portal enabling comparison of key indicators for cities and downloading selected sets of data: 


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Martyna Petrus
PR Specialist, Antal

Martyna Petrus
PR Specialist, Antal
[email protected]

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